Organic Fruit Growing

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Organic fruit growing

In organic fruit cultivation, just like in conventional fruit cultivation, spraying is also done, but chemical-synthetic pesticides may not be used. Scab is controlled with sulfur and weed control is done mechanically. The resources that can be deployed must appear in the appendix to the EU regulation and also have an authorization in accordance with the Pesticides Act. In addition, the biological system pays more attention to preventive measures. However, despite all efforts, damage from pests and diseases cannot always be prevented. The production on organic plots is therefore at least 30% lower than on conventional plots, while the costs increase due to mechanical weed control, thinning, cutting cancer and more expensive organic trees when (re) planting. There are also higher costs in sorting and picking per kilogram of harvested product. As a result, higher prices than in conventional fruit cultivation are necessary.

Elstar apple properties


Appearance - Medium size, regularly smooth semi-red blush on a yellow background. Elstar is a cross between the Golden Delicious and the Ingrid Marie.

Pulp - Crunchy, sweet and sour and juicy.

Taste and smell - Firm, juicy, freshly sour, with a slight peach and flower scent.

Use - As an eating apple or for making apple juice diced by the muesli for breakfast or in a sandwich with cheese and ham. The Elstar is suitable for baking. The apple will remain fairly hard in the pastry.