Organic Fruit Growing

Organic fruit growing industry in The Netherlands

Skal Biocontrole

Skal logo

Skal Biocontrol is committed as a supervisor for demonstrable reliability of organic products in the Netherlands. An agricultural product or food may only be called organic if the production process complies with legal requirements. The European government determines the rules, the more than 4000 certified organic entrepreneurs comply with them and we check them. In this way, the consumer can rest assured that an organic product is really organic. We supervise the entire organic chain, on behalf of the Ministry of Agriculture, Nature and Food Quality.

With the issue of this quality mark, we make the reliability of organic products visible to buyers and consumers. In this way, Skal contributes to the demonstrable reliability of the organic sector.


Demeter logo

Demeter is the quality mark for biodynamic farms and products, whether or not they are processed.

All products with a Demeter quality mark at least meet the standards for organic farming, as laid down in European legislation. Farmers and processors who also meet the Demeter standards and guidelines receive a Demeter certificate after the inspection and are allowed to use the Demeter quality mark.


Bionext logo

Bionext was founded by organic farmers and horticulturists (BioHuis), trade and processing (VBP) and shops (Organic Shop Association). Bionext represents the collective interests of the organic sector in its own country and in Brussels through the IFOAM EU Group. Bionext is spokesperson for the organic sector and is the point of contact for any party with an interest in organic agriculture and food (social organizations, government, politics, media and consumers).

Louis Bolk Instituut

Louis Bolk Instituut logo

Louis Bolk Institute is a medium-sized research and consultancy organization in Bunnik, founded in 1976.

For more than 40 years, we have been developing knowledge for sustainable agriculture, nutrition and health, three links that are related in our vision. Our focus is on nature-inclusive agriculture and positive health. In both themes, we work on strengthening natural systems and processes, be it an agricultural area, a soil, a company, a patient or an urban district.


Udea logo

Udea is a wholesaler, brand house, importer and exporter of organic food and also franchisor of the organic supermarket formula Ekoplaza.

Udea supplies both fresh and perishable products to health food stores, bio-supers, specialty stores, out-of-home and retail in the Benelux. Together with our suppliers and growers, we offer products of the highest possible quality that can be ordered easily and efficiently from us.


Odin logo

Odin is an organic food cooperative with the aim of providing even better care for the flow of healthy food from fertile agriculture and the economy.

Odin has a wholesaler, organic supermarkets, an online delivery service, an apiary, a farm, a foundation academy (training) and testing grounds for seed-resistant varieties.